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"You have to think as if everyday is an exam day."

That quote pretty much sums up my life now. It was not what I expected. College was harder than I thought. This is even the first time I opened tumblr since school started haha. Anyway, it really is hard for me huhu. Sometimes, I forget the reason why I started this in the first place. During the 3rd week of school, I was even crying while studying because I was so tired and I had a headache but I really had to study (I was so baliw that time haha). One bad thing about me is that, I keep on thinking what if I fail ((and I really did fail some of my exams hahahuhu I almost broke down after class but there were people around so yeah)) but the good thing is, God never fails to remind me of His promises. Not just when I have quiet times or when I read my bible or when I go to church on Sundays but even when I’m just sitting down. It’s amazing how inspired I feel not because of a guy but because of God. :)

If ever you are going through the same thing, do not give up! You may think you cannot do it anymore but you can! God has plans. Fight the good fight. It maybe hard but it will all be worth it in the end. Just pray, have faith and put your faith into action.

{060314} Summer ender

Goodbye, Summer!


The thought of future suddenly scares me. I’m scared to make mistakes in the future that will avert me from achieving my goals. I’m scared to be in a future where I look back and realize I didn’t do my best, which will result to regretting and thinking I was never good enough. But to be more specific, I’m scared of what will become of me—who I am and what I’m going to be. I want to be the person who will turn her hopes and dreams into reality, and I will hate myself if I become the contrary. In the past I have always talked enthusiastically about the life yet to come for me after high school, but now that it’s fast approaching, all I want to do is pause for a moment, gather myself, and brace for the entirely unfamiliar situation I’m going to be in: college. Hopeful eyes look up to me, especially Dad’s. He believes in me so much that it makes me doubt my faith in myself; he is confident that I will thrive and live my life at its finest. Sure enough, I want nothing more but be in that position. But seeing now that I scarcely have the motivation to move from my bed, not being so introspective at the moment, and barely thinking of the area of my course, I admit that the vision of a beautiful future I want to have for myself is still blurry and tough to grasp. I’m an only child, so the responsibility is starting to come to light and becoming serious; all the more reason to do my best. He reminds me quite often to double, even triple, my efforts in college. Simple in words, but a challenge in reality that will subsequently determine my fate. 

I need to focus. I need to become more of who and what I am in the present. I need to go beyond the so-called “limits” of myself and be someone/something I have never been before. I need to do this; I need to prove myself worthy of my father’s faith in me.

I can actually relate to this (well except for the only child part). I’ve always thought about going to college and how exciting it would be. I’ve thought about the fun and games and not the responsibility. It’s like my future is in my hands and it’s all or nothing. I know a few people who didn’t do well in college and their lives are so messed up right now. I keep thinking “what if I’ll be like them?” It’s just so frightening, how one stupid mistake and all you’ve been working hard for can disappear like a bubble. I really am scared — because I do not have the full confidence in myself. I want to be a doctor someday. I want to reach out to people and help them. But every single time people ask me about my course and my plans, I don’t know why but I’m too ashamed to say it out loud.

My sister failed some of her subjects last semester. She makes her plates til dawn which is why she finds it so hard to get up in the morning. And it’s like my dad and my grandparent’s expectations are so high. They’re expecting me not to fail and be better and it terrifies me because I don’t know if I can. But aside from the fact that it scares me, it also motivates me to study harder. I just don’t want to disappoint them and I hope I won’t.

Anonymous asked: where are you going to study for college?

Velez College :)

My summer is so boring that I can’t help but wish school would just start already. But then I remember that’ll be the end of my social life… /sigh

Speaking of school, I already am enrolled. Yay. It was kind of new to me since I wasn’t used to enroll myself. My guardian would always do it for me since I am such a baby. But anyway, it was fun except for the fact that I went in the computer laboratory for 4 times. I was supposed to go to the biodata section, loading section and validating section and I didn’t know it was all in that room. I am so dumb. Also, I already got my schedule and well, medical tech(torture)nology it is. Just look at my schedule above and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

When the month started, I attented a conference in church. Not because my summer’s boring but because I wanted to learn more and grow deeper in the word of God. As a Christian, it was really a life changing experience and it really did help put me back on track. It’s frustrating how you could be so on fire during conferences and camps and just drift after a week it ended but now I’ve never been so motivated to keep the fire burning so yeah. That conference is probably the highlight of my summer.

Right now, I’m just enjoying every moment (more like wasting time doing nothing) since I know I’ll be busy in the coming months.

Anyway, how’s your summer? What are you up to guys? :)

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I’m not really a cat person but this one’s a cutie lol

I’m not really a cat person but this one’s a cutie lol

Book signing {April 27, 2014}

I was really so excited for this that I even bought Ransom’s books ++ I couldn’t even sleep the night before. I got up at 7:40 (my alarm was actually 7am but yknow, I love my bed) and left the house at 9. I arrived at ayala around 9:30 and headed to the entrance which I thought was nearer to where the event will be held but I was wrong. So freakin’ wrong which is why I had to run ++ I got lost, I was so frustrated lol. My number was 0128 as you can see in the picture above. After getting my signing pass, I went to grab early lunch because I was so hungry. I ate at mcdo and it was so awkward because I was alone and there were no seats anymore so I had to share the table with strangers. After eating, I went back to the gallery (where the event was held) to check if people left their seats but they didn’t, apparently, so I sat outside aero.

The authors arrived at 2:40. My feet were really aching already and the people were so annoying, they kept on screaming even if they didn’t arrive yet huhu. But anyway, I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I SAW THEM LIKE OMG IS THIS REALLY REAL??? They were so kind and funny and amazing and I love them so much. I wanted to have a little chat with them but then when the opportunity came I WAS SO SPEECHLESS MAN. RANSOM’S EYES WERE SO BEAUTIFUL, I COULD GET LOST IN IT I SWEAR LIKE I REALLY STARED AT IT FOR LIKE 2 SECONDS BUT THEN HE BROUGHT ME BACK TO REALITY BY SAYING HI AND I SWEAR I WANTED TO KIDNAP HIM. HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL OMG TAHEREH IS SO LUCKY. And speaking of Tahereh, she’s so beautiful and sweet. Huhu team ransereh forever ❤❤❤ I didn’t get to meet Veronica Rossi because I didn’t read her books so yeah.

I was so tired but it was all so worth it. Will definitely remember this moment for the rest of my life. I love national bookstore so much 💞 Haha

((Blogging on my phone bec too lazy to use my laptop huhu))

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The Ruins

Talisay City, Negros Occidental

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